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Lazolvan, 100 ml

Lazolvan, 100 ml


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Lazolvan, 100 ml

Solution for internal use and inhalation 7.5 mg / ml 100ml
Lazolvan – expectorant and phlegm-thinning medicine. Studies have shown that the active ingredient of this drug (Ambroxol) increases the secretion in the respiratory (respiratory) tract.

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In diseases of the respiratory system, proceeding with the release of viscous mucus, mucolytic agents are used that stimulate sputum discharge.
Mucolytics include Lasolvan syrup: instructions for use recommend drinking it for respiratory diseases, in which there is a wet cough.

Composition of Lasolvan syrup

Lasolvan is a drug that has several forms - lozenges, tablets, inhalation solution and syrup. They are based on the active substance Ambroxol - an expectorant.
Ambroxol hydrochloride has secretolytic and secretomotor properties: at first it increases the amount of airway secretion, and then it stimulates its release (expectoration).
As auxiliary components, the composition of Lasolvan syrup includes benzoic acid, glycerol, water, hyetellose, flavorings and liquid sorbitol. The drug (PS) does not contain sugar, so it can be taken by diabetics.
On sale Lasolvan cough syrup can be found with the taste of wild berries and wild strawberries. The medicine is released in a glass bottle containing 15 or 30 mg of Ambroxol per 5 ml of sweet solution.

Indications for admission

It is possible to take drugs according to the instructions for use in diseases of the respiratory organs, accompanied by a wet cough with a complicated exit of sputum:
    chronic obstruction of the lungs;

Instructions for use for cough

Lasolvan cough syrup instructions for use recommend taking orally for 4–5 days. Over this period of time, relief of the symptoms of the disease is expected.

How to use?

How to take Lasolvan syrup for adults? According to the instructions for use, drink it is necessary:
    10 ml three times a day is an adult dosage that is acceptable for patients from 12 years old;
    children from 6 years old should receive 5 ml 2-3 times a day;
    patients from 2 years old can drink the medicine 2.5 ml three times a day;
    Babies under 2 years old are allowed to take 2.5 ml twice a day.

Before or after a meal?

When is it better to take Lasolvan cough syrup - before or after a meal? The instructions for use clearly indicate: regardless of food. You can drink the medicine before meals, as well as some time after eating in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Special instructions

Special requirements in the instructions for use - how to take Mucosolvan syrup - relate to possible side effects while taking drugs, as well as contraindications. You can not drink the medicine with:
    pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
    renal failure;
    impaired liver function.
Despite the fact that the manufacturer in the instructions for use allows the drug to be taken from the second trimester, it is recommended to refrain from taking it throughout pregnancy.
    The ability of ambroxol to penetrate the placental barrier has been proven. Although there is no updated data on the pathogenic effect of the substance on the fetus, the risk of a negative effect remains.
In the instructions for use, Ambroxol is also not recommended for drinking during breastfeeding, since the substance also passes into breast milk.

Can I use with dry cough?

Instructions for use do not allow Lasolvan syrup with a dry cough, because for this type of cough, drugs of a different principle of action are used. The instruction for use does not contain instructions on how to take Lasolvan syrup for dry cough in adults and children.
Since the principle of action of Lasolvan is to reduce the viscosity of sputum and its output outside with a cold, then with a dry cough, drinking this medicine is pointless.


Reviews about Lasolvan cough syrup are mostly positive. Patients positively evaluate the possibility of taking it by both adults and children. While other drugs for coughing have restrictions on the permissible age for admission, the drug can be drunk for babies up to 2 years. Mucosolvan syrup reviews are described as an easy-to-take medicine with a sweet berry flavor.
    Unlike herbal preparations, ambroxol shows a pronounced therapeutic effect, while herbal-based ARVI drugs have for the most part a mild deodorizing and emollient.

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You don't need a prescription to buy Lasolvan syrup.

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