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What is Aphasia?

Description of the disease

Aphasia is a speech disorder caused by brain damage. People with aphasia may have difficulty pronouncing words, understanding speech, reading, and writing.


  • Brodmann's classification
  • Classification by type of aphasia
  • Classification by severity


  • Difficulty in pronouncing words
  • Difficulty in understanding speech
  • Problems with reading and writing


The main causes of aphasia are stroke, traumatic brain injury, and brain tumors. Neurological disorders and genetic factors may also play a role.


Diagnosis of aphasia includes medical examination, neuropsychological testing, and neuroimaging.


Treatment for aphasia includes speech therapy, pharmacological therapy, and rehabilitation. In some cases, surgical intervention may be necessary.


Prevention of aphasia includes stroke prevention, head injury prevention, and regular medical check-ups.


Aphasia treatment is carried out by neurologists, clinical psychologists, and speech therapists.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.