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What is Soprano's Disease?

Description of the disease

Soprano's Disease, also known as spasmodic dysphonia, is a condition characterized by spasms of the vocal cords, leading to voice problems. This rare condition typically occurs in adults, especially those who use their voice professionally, such as singers or actors.


  • Tonic form
  • Phasic form


  • Change in voice tone
  • Dropping sounds
  • Breathiness while speaking


The causes of Soprano's Disease are unknown, but it is thought to be related to psychological, genetic, or environmental factors.


Diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms and examination of vocal cord function.


Treatment may include speech therapy, botox therapy, or surgical intervention.


Since the causes of the disease are unknown, prevention is limited to general methods of maintaining vocal cord health.


The treatment and diagnosis of Soprano's Disease is carried out by an otolaryngologist or a neurologist.

Note: This material is provided solely for informational purposes and is not medical advice.