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DETOXY-ZEO capsules №90

DETOXY-ZEO capsules №90


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  • DETOXY-ZEO capsules №90 DETOXY-ZEO capsules №90

DETOXY-ZEO capsules №90


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This information is for general purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or questions you may have.

DETOXY-ZEO is a remedy of mineral origin which contributes to detoxification, maintains the normal functioning of the intestinal tract and balances the body’s pH levels.


Zeolites are microporous minerals known for their adsorbent properties.

Zeolite clinoptiloliteis the most known type of zeolites. It has many positive effects due to its capacity to absorb and therefore facilitate the elimination of toxins, free radicals and harmful substances like heavy metals, ammonia, or other small molecules in the gastrointestinal tract, thus reducing their absorption in the body.Zeoliteclinoptilolite does not affect the homeostasis of trace elements and micronutrients, but acts selectively on heavy metals and toxic substances. When taken orally, zeoliteclinoptilolite supplements have a positive impact on the intestinal microbiome. It strengthens the intestinal walls and acts as an antioxidant by capturing free radicals and reducing the formation of reactive oxygen species. Zeoliteclinoptilolite is an excellent detoxifying, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

The detoxifying effect is attributed to the adsorption properties of zeoliteclinoptilolite. It has a high affinity for ammonia which is produced as a waste in the body during the metabolism of proteins, transformed by the liver into urea, and eliminated by kidneys. Protein-rich diets and pathologies with excessive protein fermentation, such as irritable bowel disease and ulcerative colitis lead to an increase in ammonia production. As a result, intestinal symptoms such as nausea, intestinal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea occur frequently, and the release of more ammonia in the intestine induces poor liver and kidney function.

Zeolite clinoptilolite reduces the concentration of ammonia and improves the integrity of the intestinal barrier, lowering the concentrations of zonulin, a marker for increased intestinal permeability and, in addition, has positive effects on nausea and diarrhea.

The antioxidant effect is based on the ability of zeoliteclinoptilolite to use metal ions present within its structure, as cofactors for the activation of antioxidant enzymes. This results in a detoxifying effect at the intestinal and systemic levels.

The anti-inflammatory effect is due to the action of zeoliteclinoptilolite on the intestinal lymphoid tissues with a positive impact on the intestinal flora. It acts directly on the intestinal flora by reducing the number of Escherichia coli and increasing the number of Lactobacillus acidophilus, also stimulating the immune system.

By purifying the internal environment of the human body, zeolite-clinoptilolite maintains the homeostasis of the intestinal microbiome, thus improving the general well-being of thepatient.



DETOXY-ZEO is administered for:

  • elimination of toxins, heavy metals and pesticides from the body;
  • balancing the body’s pH levels;
  • reducing the symptoms of nausea, diarrhea and intestinal infections;
  • detoxification and purification of the body;
  • protecting cells against oxidative stress;
  • decreasing aging of cells and tissues;
  • boosting physical and mental performance;
  • improving liver and kidney functions;
  • maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system;
  • potentiating the beneficial effects in chemotherapy and reducing severe side effects.



To be taken orally, 30 minutes before meals, with a sufficient amount of water (about 200 ml). It is not recommended to replace water with other liquids.

Children aged:

– 7 to 11 years: 1 capsule 2 times per day (in the morning and in the evening).

– 12 to 17 years: 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening.

Adults: 2 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening.

The intake period isone month. If necessary, repeat2 times per year or when recommended by a doctor.

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