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What is Cervical Ectopy?

Description of the disease

Cervical ectopy, also known as cervical erosion, is a condition in which cells that are usually inside the uterus are instead found on the surface of the cervix. This condition often does not cause symptoms and may only be detected during a gynecological examination.


  • Endocervical erosion
  • Ectopy on the vaginal part of the cervix
  • Disjunction


Although for most women, cervical ectopy does not cause any symptoms, there may be abundant vaginal discharge, especially after sexual intercourse, as well as irregular or painful menstruation.


Causes of cervical ectopy may include hormonal imbalance, inflammatory processes, mechanical trauma to the cervix, and other factors.


Gynecological examination, cytological examination, colposcopy are used for the diagnosis of cervical ectopy.


Treatment may include drug therapy, cryodestruction, electrocoagulation, or surgical removal of the affected area.


Prevention of cervical ectopy includes regular visits to the gynecologist, proper treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female organs, as well as the use of condoms to prevent infections.


For the diagnosis and treatment of cervical ectopy, you should consult a gynecologist.