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Festal #10

Festal #10


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  • Festal #10 Festal #10

Festal #10

Festal contributes to quick and full digestion of food, eliminates the symptoms of intestinal problems, contributes to secretion of the pancreas, stomach, and small intestines enzymes and bile from the gallbladder, and promotes the emulsification of fats and the fat soluble vitamins A, E, K. Use in cases of problems with the pancreas, stomach, intestines, liver, bladder, gas in the intestines and stomach, diarrhea from non-infectious origins. Festal is recommended for persons who have gastrointestinal disorders that prohibit the proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. In addition this preparation is helpful for persons with immobile life styles or for recovery after long-term immobilization. Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity, excess amount of bilirubin (a liver by product that produces jaundice), gallbladder and liver diseases, mechanical jaundice and blockage of the intestines. Use with care in cases of vascular or heart problems, and with children under four years of age. Recommended dosage: Take one 1 drop at a time (coated tablets will dissolve in the intestines) 3 times daily during or immediately after meals. Swallow tablet whole, do not chew. When necessary the dose may be doubled. Treatment may last from several days to several months, and even several years.

Side effects include allergic reactions, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pains, increased uric acid in the blood. In cases of over dosage the level of uric acid content in the blood plasma and urine will increase.

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Festal Dosage

The drug should be taken orally, without chewing, during or immediately after a meal, with a small amount of liquid.

Adults have prescribed 1-2 pills 3 times/day. Higher doses are prescribed by the doctor.

The use of the drug in children as prescribed by a doctor.

The duration of treatment can vary from several days (if the digestive process is disturbed due to dietary errors) to several months or years (if constant replacement therapy is necessary).

Contraindications for use

  • hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis;
  • liver failure;
  • hepatic coma or precoma;
  • hepatitis;
  • hyperbilirubinemia;
  • obstructive jaundice;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • empyema of the gallbladder;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • a tendency to diarrhea;
  • pregnancy;
  • period of breastfeeding;
  • children under 3 years old.
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