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What is Frigidity?

Description of the condition

Frigidity is a sexual disorder characterized by the absence or decrease of sexual desire, as well as the absence of pleasure from sexual activity. This condition can occur in both men and women and can have various causes.


  • Psychological frigidity
  • Physiological frigidity
  • Mixed frigidity


Symptoms of frigidity may include lack of interest in sex, absence of sexual desire, difficulty in achieving arousal, absence of orgasm or a noticeable decrease in its intensity.


The causes of frigidity can be diverse and vary from psychological factors such as stress, depression, excessive fatigue, to physiological problems such as hormone levels, and can also arise as a result of certain medical conditions or the use of certain medications.


Diagnosis of frigidity includes consultation with a sexologist or psychotherapist, conducting tests to identify possible physiological problems, as well as studying the medical and sexual history of the patient.


Treatment for frigidity may include psychotherapy, treatment of underlying medical causes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the use of medications to increase sexual desire.


Prevention of frigidity may include stress management, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, communication and openness in relationships, as well as timely seeking medical help when experiencing sexual function problems.


Frigidity can be diagnosed and treated by a sexologist, psychotherapist, as well as a gynecologist or urologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.