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Nail Hyperkeratosis

Description of the disease

Nail hyperkeratosis is a condition in which the nail plate becomes rough, thickened, and prone to cornification.


  • Nail hyperkeratosis can be divided into several types depending on the cause and location of occurrence.


Symptoms of nail hyperkeratosis include thick, rough, and cornified nails, changes in the shape of the nail plate, and pain and discomfort when wearing shoes.


Causes of nail hyperkeratosis may include trauma, fungal infections, genetic predisposition, improper footwear, and a variety of other factors.


The diagnosis of nail hyperkeratosis is carried out by a dermatologist based on examination and, if necessary, laboratory tests.


Treatment of nail hyperkeratosis may include the use of local remedies, surgical removal of the altered nail plate, as well as treatment of the underlying cause of the disease.


Prevention of nail hyperkeratosis includes proper nail care, use of comfortable footwear, and prevention of trauma and infections.


The diagnosis and treatment of nail hyperkeratosis is performed by a dermatologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.