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What are Calcifications in the Breast?

Description of the disease

Calcifications in the breast are calcium deposits that can form in the breast tissues. They are usually detected during mammography and are usually benign.


  • Diffuse calcifications
  • Grouped calcifications
  • Linear calcifications


Calcifications usually do not cause symptoms and are most often detected incidentally during mammography.


The causes of calcifications in the breast are not always known, but may be related to age, changes in the breast or milk ducts, and other factors.


Diagnostics are carried out using mammography, additional tests such as ultrasound or biopsy may be performed.


In most cases, calcifications do not require treatment, but in some cases additional tests or removal of calcifications may be necessary.


Prevention of breast calcifications involves regular mammography and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Calcifications are treated by a mammologist or oncologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.