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What is Myopic Astigmatism?

Description of the disease

Myopic astigmatism is a type of astigmatism characterized by a disturbance in the focusing of light on the retina of the eye due to an imperfect shape of the cornea or lens.


  • Primary myopic astigmatism
  • Secondary myopic astigmatism


Symptoms of myopic astigmatism may include blurred or distorted vision, eye fatigue, and headaches.


Causes of myopic astigmatism may include genetic predisposition, injuries, and surgical interventions.


Diagnosis of myopic astigmatism includes an examination by an ophthalmologist, refraction testing, and astigmatism measurement.


Treatment of myopic astigmatism may include wearing glasses, contact lenses, and surgical intervention.


Prevention of myopic astigmatism involves regular eye exams, proper use of the computer, and protecting the eyes from injuries and harmful factors.


For the diagnosis and treatment of myopic astigmatism, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.