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What is Male Menopause?

Description of the disease

Male menopause, or andropause, is a period in a man's life associated with a gradual decrease in testosterone levels and changes in the body. This condition is similar to female menopause, but manifests differently.


Male menopause can be divided into pre-andropause, andropause, and post-andropause, depending on the stage and symptoms.


  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Fatigue and irritability
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decrease in body and facial hair


The decrease in testosterone levels is associated with age, but can also be caused by obesity, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and other factors.


For the diagnosis of male menopause, a blood test for testosterone levels is usually conducted and symptoms are discussed with a doctor.


Treatment may include testosterone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes, as well as consultations with a psychologist.


Prevention of male menopause includes a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity, and stress reduction.


For the diagnosis and treatment of male menopause, it is advisable to consult a urologist or endocrinologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.