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What is Neurogenic Bladder?

Description of the disease

Neurogenic bladder is a condition in which the nervous system is unable to control the bladder, leading to various urinary problems.


The disease is classified depending on the cause, including spinal injury, stroke, neurological diseases, and others.


Symptoms of neurogenic bladder may include frequent urination, inability to hold urine, incomplete bladder emptying, and other urinary problems.


Causes of the disease can be diverse, including nerve damage, brain dysfunction, infections, and other factors.


Various tests may be conducted to diagnose neurogenic bladder, including ultrasound of the bladder, cystoscopy, urodynamic studies, and others.


Treatment of this disease depends on its cause and may include medication, physiotherapy, surgical intervention, and other methods.


Preventing neurogenic bladder includes preventing urinary tract infections, timely treatment of neurological diseases, and other precautions.


For diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic bladder, it is necessary to consult a urologist or neurologist.