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PANGIVIT PLUS capsules №30

PANGIVIT PLUS capsules №30


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  • PANGIVIT PLUS capsules №30 PANGIVIT PLUS capsules №30

PANGIVIT PLUS capsules №30

A natural remedy, which contains extracts from Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng and guarana. This product is a tonic stimulantand adaptogen, and therefore:

  • increasesworkefficiency and capacity;
  • helps to quickly and efficiently increase muscle tone;
  • facilitates the adaptation of the organism tounfavourable environmental factors, to increased or low temperatures;
  • improves memory and concentration;
  • helps regulate sleep, relieve migraines and regulate blood pressure;
  • protects the brain and delays degenerative processes that lead to serious diseases.

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This information is for general purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or questions you may have.

PANGIVIT PLUS  is an herbal blend, which has stimulant, tonic and adaptogen properties. It is recommended for improving health, mental and physical abilities and for increasingthe body’s resistance to stress or burnout.


Ginseng roots contain ginsenosides (triterpenoid saponins), essential oils and fats, sterols, peptides, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals.

The complex ofactive substances from the Ginseng extract has a stimulating action on the central nervous system and contributes to the improvement of many psychic functions and of the mental activity (memory, attention, concentration, etc.)

Ginseng is a tonic and energizing remedy,which can support physical ability, relieve fatigue, restore strength, increase work performance, vigour, and improve the overall well-being and functioning of the body (mood, vitality and psychophysical productivity).

The biologically active components of ginseng have metabolic and strengthening action. They activate the metabolic processes in the body, stimulate tissue respiration, lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, boost the activity of the endocrine system and reproductive glands, and moderately increase blood pressure.

Ginseng root extract increases the body’s adaptation and protection capacity to exogenous and endogenous stress factors (e.g. unfavourable actions of the environment, various diseases).

Guarana seeds contain guaranine (guarana caffeine is similar to tannins found in tea, caffeine from coffee and other components of tea, cola and cocoa), xanthines, saponins, as well as resins, starch, tannins, pectin, procyanidins, polysaccharide.

The seeds of the plant are considered the richest source of natural caffeine (1.1-5.8%), and the stimulant potential of guaranine is 2 to 5 times higher than that of coffee. Guarana caffeine does not irritate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract because it is gradually assimilated as tannin slows down the absorption of caffeine, and therefore it has a slow action on the body. It does not cause over-excitation, insomnia, tachycardia and other unpleasant effects, which usually occur after a few cups of coffee. In addition, it does not cause any tolerance or addiction.

Guarana extract improves cerebral circulation and cognitive functions (memory, reaction time and attention span). Guarana caffeine activates the psychoactive functions of the brain, the synthesis of adrenaline, excites the central nervous system and heart muscle, and helps maintain a balanced and positive mood.

It has a toning effect, helps fight tiredness,overload and fatigue in mental and physical effort, and increases work capacity and endurance of the body.

Guarana extract intensifies metabolic processes and energy metabolism in the body. It accelerates lipid metabolism, contributes to fat burning, reduces blood cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of lipid plaques on the walls of blood vessels, therefore maintaining the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The antioxidant activity of Guarana is associated with its content of procyanidin, catechin and tannin. Tannins have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal activity.

Siberian ginseng root extract (eleuthero) contains glycosides (eleutherosides A, B, C, D, E), coumarins, flavonoids, wax, resins, essential oils and fats, gum, anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals. The plant is rich in the alkaloid araline.

Eleuthero is an adaptogen and has protective and antistress activity. It helps to strengthen immunity, boostsendocrine activity, energymetabolism (due to an increased use of glucose) and anabolic metabolism in tissues. It boosts metabolism and the body’s ability to adapt to various unfavourable environmental conditions, harmful substances or pathogens (including in stressful situations) and prevents the destruction of the body by these stressors.

Siberian Ginseng extract has a stimulating action on the central nervous system, and as a result intensifies the cerebral, muscular, motor and reflex activity.

It has tonic and strengthening properties. It increases the overall tonus of the body, physical strength, work capacity and endurance, eliminates fatigue and irritability, and improves general well-being and cognitive functions.

It influences carbohydrate metabolism, reduces glucose levels in diabetes and blood cholesterol levels. It has a positive effect on the production of reproductive hormones in men and women.

Additionally, the active components of Eleuthero extract have antioxidant properties (intensify oxidative processes), antidepressants, neuro-, hepato-, cardioprotective, as well as antistatic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative activity.



PANGIVIT PLUS (as a stimulant, tonic, adaptogenic and strengthening remedy) is recommended:

  • for boosting physical capacity and endurance of the body;
  • in asthenic states of various etiologies (physical / mental), generalized weakness, chronic fatigue, overstimulation,burnout;
  • for maintaining and increasing mental performance and a positive psycho-emotional state;
  • in hypotonic vegetative vascular dystonia, low blood pressure;
  • duringrehabilitation after traumas, surgeries and diseases;
  • for increasing the body’s defense forces and resistance to the action of various unfavorable environmental factors, harmful substances or pathogenic stimulants (including situations of stress, neurosis, neurasthenia, depression and other psycho-emotional disorders);
  • for maintaining and improving sexual performance in men and women (in sexual dysfunctions, low libido, climacteric syndrome).



To be taken orally, with or after meals, with a sufficient amount of water (about 200 ml).

Adults: 1 capsule 1-2 times per day.

Take in the morning and in the afternoon. Takeno later than 15:00.

The intake period is1 month. If necessary,repeat after a break of minimum 2 or 3 weeks or after consulting with a doctor.

The highest efficiency is if taken continuously for 30 days, 3 times per year (in spring, fall and winter, as there is a pronounced seasonal activity).

Abstinence syndrome (withdrawal syndrome) does not occur after discontinuing the product.

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