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What is Ankle Fracture?

Description of the disease

Ankle fracture is an injury to the bones in the ankle area that can occur as a result of trauma or weakening of the bone tissue.


  • Vertical fracture
  • Horizontal fracture
  • Double fracture


  • Pain and swelling in the ankle area
  • Inability to stand on the foot
  • Deformation or displacement of the leg


Ankle fracture can occur as a result of a fall, accident, or sports injury. Weakening of the bone tissue can also be a cause of the fracture.


Diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms, X-rays, and computer tomography.


Treatment may include wearing a plaster cast, surgical intervention, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation exercises.


To prevent an ankle fracture, it is recommended to strengthen the bone tissue, wear protective footwear, and prevent falls.


An orthopedic surgeon treats ankle fractures.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.