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What Is a Femoral Neck Fracture?

Description of the condition:

A femoral neck fracture is a injury to the femoral neck of the thigh bone, which usually occurs as a result of trauma or accident.


  • Femoral neck fractures can be classified as displaced, nondisplaced, displaced or nondisplaced.


Symptoms of a femoral neck fracture include pain, swelling, and inability to bear weight on the affected leg.


Femoral neck fractures typically occur as a result of a fall, car accident, or other traumatic event.


X-rays and computed tomography are used to diagnose a femoral neck fracture.


Treatment of a femoral neck fracture may include surgical fixation or conservative treatment with a cast or splint.


Preventive measures for femoral neck fracture include taking precautions during sports activities, avoiding falls, and following safety rules on the road.


If a femoral neck fracture is suspected, it is important to see an orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.