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What is Polytrauma?

Description of the condition

Polytrauma is a condition of the body caused by the simultaneous injury of multiple organs or tissues as a result of trauma. It is a serious condition that requires urgent medical attention.


  • Critical polytrauma
  • Severe polytrauma
  • Moderate polytrauma
  • Minor polytrauma


Symptoms of polytrauma may include severe pain, bleeding, cessation of breathing, loss of consciousness, and more.


Polytrauma can be caused by car accidents, falls from a height, collisions, gunshot wounds, and other traumatic situations.


Various medical tests, including X-rays, computer tomography, and others, are used to diagnose polytrauma.


Treatment for polytrauma depends on the specific situation, but usually includes surgical intervention, resuscitation, medication therapy, and rehabilitation.


Preventing polytrauma includes adhering to safety rules, using protective equipment, and carefully following operating instructions for machinery.


In the case of polytrauma, urgent medical care from specialists such as traumatologists, surgeons, resuscitators, anesthesiologists, and others is necessary.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.