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What is Knee Meniscus Injury?

Description of the condition

A knee meniscus injury is a condition in which the structure and function of the meniscus (disc-shaped cartilage) of the knee joint are disrupted due to trauma or wear and tear. The meniscus plays an important role in cushioning and stabilizing the knee joint, and its injury can significantly limit movement and cause pain.


  • Traumatic meniscus injury
  • Degenerative meniscus injury


  • Knee pain
  • Sensation of locking or catching in the knee
  • Swelling
  • Restricted movement


Traumatic meniscus injury usually occurs during sudden twists and traumatic impacts on the knee, while degenerative injury occurs due to natural wear and aging of the meniscus.


Diagnosis includes clinical examination, palpation, special tests, as well as instrumental methods such as MRI and X-ray.


Treatment may include conservative methods such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as surgical intervention in complex cases.


Prevention of meniscus injury includes strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the knee joint, avoiding excessive stress and traumatic situations.


Meniscus injury is treated by an orthopedic specialist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.