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What is a Scar on the Uterus?

Description of the disease

A scar on the uterus is a change in the uterine tissue that occurs as a result of trauma or inflammation. Scars can lead to impaired uterine function and be a cause of infertility.


  • Internal scar
  • External scar


Pain in the lower abdomen, irregular menstrual bleeding, painful sexual intercourse, infertility.


A scar on the uterus can be caused by surgeries on the uterus, inflammatory processes, including after miscarriage, abortion, or childbirth.


To make a diagnosis, ultrasound examinations and hysteroscopy are performed.


Medication methods of treatment are used, surgical intervention if necessary.


  • Conducting surgeries on the uterus only on indications
  • Timely and proper treatment of inflammatory diseases


A gynecologist deals with the treatment of scars on the uterus.

Note: This material is provided solely for informational purposes and is not medical advice.