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What is a Ruptured Wound?

Description of the Disease

A raptured wound is a type of superficial injury characterized by uneven, jagged edges. It can result from cutting, slashing, bruising, or other types of mechanical impact on the skin. The wound can be deep and requires serious attention and treatment.


  • Rupture wound
  • Cut wound
  • Tear-puncture wound


Symptoms of a ruptured wound may include bleeding, pain, swelling, cuts, skin tears, etc.


Ruptured wounds can occur as a result of trauma, accidents, sports injuries, and other accidents.


The diagnosis of a ruptured wound includes visual examination, sometimes X-rays or CT scans to detect possible bone or internal organ damage.


Treatment of ruptured wounds may include cleaning, antiseptic treatment, stitches, bandaging, as well as taking antibiotics.


To prevent ruptured wounds, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment, be careful when handling sharp objects, and follow equipment usage rules.


A doctor specializing in wound treatment is called a surgeon or traumatologist.

Note: This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.