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What is Sacralization?

Description of the condition

Sacralization is a condition in which the fifth lumbar vertebra becomes similar to the sacrum. This can cause various problems with the spine and back.


  • Sacralization I degree - moderate displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra;
  • Sacralization II degree - pronounced displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra;
  • Sacralization III degree - complete displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra towards the sacrum.


Symptoms of sacralization may include lower back pain, improper posture, limited mobility.


The causes of sacralization may be genetic, due to injury, excessive physical activity, or improper posture.


For the diagnosis of sacralization, X-ray examination and computer tomography are conducted.


Treatment of sacralization may include therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, manual therapy, and in some cases, surgical intervention.


Prevention of sacralization includes proper posture, moderate physical activity, and following the doctor's recommendations.


The treatment of sacralization is carried out by a neurologist or an orthopedist.

Note: This material is provided solely for informational purposes and is not medical advice.