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What is Vaginal Fistula?

Description of the disease:

Vaginal fistula is a pathological condition in which an opening is formed between the vaginal cavity and other organs, such as the bladder or intestines. This condition can cause various problems, including infections and unpleasant discharge.


There are several types of vaginal fistulas, including obstetric-gynecological fistulas, urogenital fistulas, and others.


  • Unpleasant odors from the vagina
  • Unusual discharge
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Frequent urination


Vaginal fistulas can be caused by trauma during childbirth, infections, oncological diseases, and other reasons.


For the diagnosis, a doctor may conduct a physical examination, ultrasound, CT scan, or other tests.


Treatment of vaginal fistula may include conservative methods such as drug therapy, or surgical intervention.


To prevent the development of vaginal fistula, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, timely treat infections, and consult a doctor for any unpleasant symptoms.


For the diagnosis and treatment of vaginal fistula, it is important to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Note: This material is provided solely for informational purposes and is not medical advice.