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Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml

Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml


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  • Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml
  • Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml

Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml

Ambrobene refers to the chemical medications that have an expectorant and mucus-thinning effect. The drug has a therapeutic effect on diseases with cough and difficult sputum discharge. The main active ingredient is Ambroxol.

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This information is for general purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or questions you may have.


Ambrobene syrup is a medication, the basis of which is only one key active ingredient. The chemical composition of the drug is based on Ambroxol hydrochloride. The specified compound remains a derivative of bromhexine hydrochloride, which has approximately the same effect on the human body.
Ambroxol is better tolerated by patients. If it is necessary to eliminate the cough, accompanied by sputum separation in patients of different age groups, it is better to choose Ambrobene syrup for children and adults.
In addition to the active substance, the drug contains:
    raspberry flavoring and flavor enhancer;
    specially prepared water;
    propylene glycol;
Due to the simplicity of the chemical composition, the drug does not cause (in 95-96% of cases) adverse reactions or complications, following the instructions for use of Ambrobene syrup.

Release form - syrup

The product is produced by the German pharmaceutical company Merkle GmbH. The creators of the drug to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety release it in the form of syrup.
The liquid structure provides faster absorption of the bioactive substance into the blood. The patient can feel the effect within half an hour after taking the medicine. The sweet taste provides positive emotions during cough therapy, which increases the effectiveness of the complex treatment of the patient. This is especially noticeable in the treatment of small patients. To eliminate wet cough in patients under 12 years old, it is recommended to use Ambrobene syrup for children.
    Interesting! Moscow scientists conducted a study (2010-2011), designed to evaluate the effectiveness of different drugs during the treatment of cough in children. They found that syrup Ambrobene and other analogs based on ambroxol hydrochloride remain priority means to accelerate the coughing and purification of sputum from the bronchi.
The medicine is sold in bottles of 100 ml. In addition to the corresponding jar in the package, the patient additionally receives a 5 ml measuring cup, as well as an insert leaflet. The color scheme of the syrup can vary from clear to light yellow liquid. Precipitation and impurities in the jar should not be.

pharmacological effect

The active substance Ambrobene syrup is Ambroxol hydrochloride which has a complex effect on the human respiratory tract. Due to the special chemical formula, the compound simultaneously affects several key structures of the respiratory system.
Effects of the use of the drug:
    Secretolytic. Against the background of this effect, thinning of thick mucus occurs. The reason is the stimulation of the work of serous cells of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which secrete the liquid fraction of sputum. The result is an increase in the amount of mucus, which is much easier to cough;
    Secret motor. The natural airway clearance process is activated. This effect is achieved by stimulating the movement of cilia on the inner surface of the respiratory tract. Liquid mucus quickly comes out during the next attack of coughing;
    Stabilizing. Thanks to the normalization of the function of the bronchial mucosa, mucociliary transport is improved. Bioactive substances more easily pass through natural membranes, providing adequate nutrition for pathological sections of the epithelium.
Important! In addition to the above properties, the effectiveness and relevance of Ambrobene syrup for premature babies has been proven. The drug stimulates the secretion of surfactant - a special substance that prevents gluing of the alveoli during exhalation.
In babies born prematurely, there may be a shortage of the corresponding compound in the lungs, which leads to respiratory failure. The use of Ambrobene syrup for children in this situation significantly improves the prognosis for the patient.

Indications for use and its contraindications

Ambrobene syrup for use recommends taking as part of a comprehensive recovery of patients suffering from cough. The drug is indicated in all cases when the formation of mucus inside the respiratory tract is observed, which is difficult for the patient to cough.
You can not use the tool in the presence of individual intolerance to the base active substance or auxiliary components.
Additional contraindications:
    the period of bearing a child (first trimester);
    deficiency of enzymes that break down sucrose, fructose intolerance.
Important! Also, do not use syrup Ambrobene for coughing in patients with dysfunction of the ciliary epithelium against the background of hypersecretion of bronchial mucus. Under these circumstances, the drug, instead of helping, will aggravate the clinical picture.
Before giving the medicine to the patient, it is imperative to consult a doctor to exclude possible harm to human health.

What cough to take Ambrobene syrup

Given the chemical composition of the drug and the nature of the effect on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, you need to drink the described syrup with a wet cough. Due to the effect of the medication, the cleaning of the bronchi is accelerated, which contributes to the recovery of the patient.
The use of Ambrobene syrup with a dry cough caused by irritation of the surface receptors of the bronchi, trachea or larynx is unjustified due to the effect on the lower parts of the tracheobronchial tree. Pathology in the described case affects the upper structures.

Ambrobene syrup, instructions for use (method and dosage)

The therapy of cough with the described syrup involves the internal use of a liquid with raspberry flavor. For a convenient dosage of the medication, a special measuring cup should be used.
Principles of successful treatment:
    You need to drink syrup after a meal;
    In parallel with treatment, use large volumes of liquid (up to 1.5-2.5 liters per day, if this is not contraindicated). Water improves liquefaction of sputum;
    Observe the dosage prescribed by the doctor;
    In case of complications or the absence of a tangible result within 4-5 days, you need to consult a doctor.
Below, treatment features in patients of different age categories will be characterized.

Ambrobene syrup for children

Children's Ambrobene does not differ in composition from the drug for adult patients. 5 ml of syrup (1 measuring cup) contains 15 mg of active substance.
A single dose is selected depending on the age of the child:
    up to two years - half a measuring cup twice a day;
    from two to six years - 2.5 ml (1/2 measuring cup) three times a day;
    from six to twelve - 5 ml of syrup two or three times a day.
Moms sometimes ask how much medicine to give to infants and children after 12 years. In the first case, the dose is selected only by the doctor. The doctor assesses the condition of the patient and makes an appointment. Children after 12 years old take an adult dose of the medication.
    Fact! Pediatricians are often in no hurry to use syrup Ambrobene in newborn babies. The reason is a high risk of a pathological increase in the secretion of bronchial mucus against the background of an underdeveloped children's respiratory tract. The respiratory tract after birth is actively growing and acquiring functions. With active stimulation of the ciliated epithelium, it can be damaged.

Ambrobene syrup to adults

The instruction for Ambrobene syrup for adult patients provides a single dose of 10 ml of the drug, which is used three times throughout the day. The duration of recovery is from 4 to 7 days. If necessary, the doctor individually for a particular patient can extend the specified period.

Taking medication during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy remains a contraindication to taking the appropriate cough remedy only in the first trimester. In the later stages, the medication can be used after evaluating the condition of a woman by a doctor. After weighing the possible risk and expected benefits, the doctor prescribes a medicine.
When lactating, use syrup carefully. Active substances pass into breast milk. If adequate dosages are observed and medication is taken immediately after application to the breast (to minimize the concentration of ambroxol in milk for the next feeding), the risk of developing unpleasant consequences for the baby is close to zero.

Excess dosage and adverse reactions

Ambroxol hydrochloride, manufactured by a German company under the trade name syrup Ambrobene, remains a stable chemical formula that has been used in practice for decades. During the application in various situations and countries of the world, no special negative effects of the drug were revealed. If you use the medicine correctly and according to the instructions, then the risk of developing unpleasant consequences is minimal.
In rare cases, dyspeptic disorders such as changes in the nature of taste sensations, discomfort in the abdomen leading to vomiting were observed. An allergy to the drug can manifest as redness of the skin with the progression of itching.

Interaction with other drugs

It is forbidden to combine Ambrobene syrup with traditional antitussive agents that affect the central nervous system. Codeine, glaucin and butamirate inhibit the corresponding reflex. When used together, the synthesis of liquid mucus is stimulated, and cough is suppressed. Because of this, sputum stagnates in the airways, which is fraught with the progression of inflammation of the lung parenchyma.
The described syrup is combined with other similar agents and antibiotics. In clinical studies, it was shown that the drug increases the concentration of antimicrobials in bronchial mucus. This fact allows you to more effectively deal with respiratory pathology, which is accompanied by infection of the respiratory tract.

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You can buy Ambrobene syrup without a prescription.

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