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Herbion syrup with ivy is especially often prescribed as safe herbal remedies for adults and children. Means with climbing plant extract are perceived as universal (from both types of cough).

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Herbion Syrups are herbal medicines. The active substance is a dry extract from the leaves of ordinary ivy. This plant is used in folk and official medicine for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory lesions of the mucous membranes (including the bronchi and upper respiratory tract).
Ivy contains saponins - hederacoside C and alpha-gederin, as well as organic acids and bitterness, which pass into extracts from its green parts. In Herbion ivy syrup, a dry alcohol-containing extract from a plant was used. About 1 mg of ivy extract is contained in 1 ml of the product. This equates to 0.6 mg of saponins.
For the stability of the dosage form, preservation of its organoleptic and pharmacological properties in ivy syrup, auxiliary components are present:
    non-crystallizing sorbitol solution;
    citric acid monohydrate;
    sodium benzoate.
In order to give a pleasant taste (reminiscent of lemon balm), an aromatic mixture of alcohol, propylene glycol, water, an extract of exotic verbena and oils (citronel, lemon, coriander) was introduced into Herbion.

Release form

All products of the Herbion line are syrups, viscous substances of a yellow-brown color, slightly opalescent in the light, with a specific smell and taste. Produced in bottles of 150 ml of dark brown glass to protect from sunlight. Each bottle is equipped with a screw cap, as well as a first opening control.
1 bottle of Herbion ivy syrup is equipped with a 5 ml measuring spoon with labels (2.5 ml step), as well as a leaflet with instructions for use in Russian and the state language. Syrups are placed in a cardboard box.

pharmachologic effect

Herbion with ivy extract has combined properties. They are due to the content in the hood of saponins. These substances stimulate the activity of cells of the bronchial mucosa, and also increase the sensitivity of receptors.
As a result, the pharmacological effects of the drug are manifested:
    mucolytic - the amount of bronchial mucus increases, and sputum becomes more fluid;
    expectorant - shell receptors react to the accumulation of secretion and actively remove it by coughing;
    bronchospasmolytic - the spasm of smooth muscles is removed, the lumen of the bronchial tree sections increases, and the mucus is freely removed even from its small and distant parts.
Herbion ivy syrup provides a thinning of viscous sputum, helps to eliminate it, eases cough due to bronchodilator effect. The tool eliminates the accumulation of mucus, reduces the risk of developing bacterial complications of the underlying disease.

Indications for use

The potion with ivy is intended for the complex treatment of pathologies of the respiratory tract, which is accompanied by difficult discharge of sputum and an obsessive cough. The drug is prescribed for acute and chronic lesions of the bronchi and lungs in parallel with etiotropic therapy (taking into account the reasons).
In infectious diseases, the use of antibacterial, antiviral or immunomodulating drugs with syrup is required.
    Ivy extract does not have antimicrobial properties and is not able to eliminate infection from the lungs.
Herbion ivy syrup is undesirable to prescribe with a dry cough or in combination with antitussive drugs. This is likely to lead to an accumulation in the lungs of an impressive amount of secretion, which is fraught with complications.


Herbion Syrup cannot be recommended for children under 2 years of age. This is due to the lack of clinical trials among the population of this category and adequate evidence of safety. Due to natural imperfections in the work of the respiratory system in babies of the first 2 years of life, symptoms of the disease may worsen while taking the drug.
Herbion ivy syrup is contraindicated in individuals with individual sensitivity to ivy and other representatives of the Araliev family. The drug is not prescribed to persons with fructose intolerance. With caution, syrup is recommended for people with severe diseases of the digestive tract (ulcer, gastritis).
This is due to the simultaneous effect of saponins on the receptors of the lungs and stomach with a possible increase in the secretion of digestive juices.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Future and lactating mothers can take Herbion ivy syrup, if the doctor prescribes them. However, no trials involving women in the situation have been conducted, and therefore there is no evidence of the safety of the drug for the fetus.
There is no accurate data on the pharmacokinetic properties of the product and the ability of its ingredients to pass into breast milk. Therefore, it is undesirable to be treated with a medication during lactation.

Dosage and administration

Ivy syrup is taken at an age dosage 3 times a day, regardless of food. It is advisable to drink the medicine with enough warm tea or water, as well as drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Compliance with the drinking regimen improves the ability of ivy extract to dilute and remove sputum, which means it accelerates the onset of the positive effect of therapy.
The course of treatment is 7-10 days. With chronic pathologies or complications, the doctor can extend it up to 3 weeks. It is advisable to continue taking Herbion for 2–3 days after the symptoms of the disease completely disappear in order to consolidate the effect and reduce the risk of relapse. Dosages for children and adults are listed below.

Table - How to take Herbion ivy syrup

Patient's age (years): Single dose (ml)
Over 10: 5‒7.5
6‒10: 5
2-6: 2.5

Side effect

The ivy potion is well tolerated. Undesirable effects are possible in case of individual sensitivity. An allergy to the drug is manifested by skin rash and itching, urticaria, and digestive disorders. In severe cases, swelling of the mucous membranes is possible. If one or more symptoms of intolerance occur, you should stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.
As a side effect, an increase in intestinal motility and loosening of the stool is possible, which does not require withdrawal of the drug or the use of any medications.
In case of an overdose, negative effects include dyspeptic disorders:
    a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
Any of the symptoms requires the abolition of Herbion and seek medical attention. In case of ivy poisoning, treatment with antidotes is not indicated. The patient will be prescribed symptomatic therapy.
    If the patient did not drink the medicine on time, it makes no sense to take a double dosage later. You should take the medicine according to the standard plan without a missed portion.

Interaction with other drugs

Herbal medicine usually goes well with other types of drug treatment. Reception of Herbion ivy syrup does not require the abolition of any vital drugs. A syrup cannot interfere with the absorption of drugs, affect the rate of development of effects, or change them.
Caution should be observed only when using drugs with an antagonistic effect. Ivy should not be combined with codeine-containing medicines, agents with dextromethorphan in the composition.
These drugs suppress cough reflexes at the level of the corresponding center in the brain. With an increase in the amount of mucus produced and violations of its evacuation, the risk of developing pneumonia, "flooded lung syndrome", increases.

Application features

Herbion is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription. Self-administration of the drug is possible in the absence of signs of complications (a sharp deterioration in the condition, fever, respiratory failure).
In the cases listed below, prior medical advice is required:
    a child 2–4 years old is sick;
    severe hyperthermia (38 ° or higher);
    purulent sputum (yellow, greenish);
    blood impurities in the discharge (brown color, red streaks);
    labored breathing;
    pain in the lungs;
    manifestation of side effects.
It is worth contacting a doctor if one of the listed symptoms appeared while taking ivy, or the therapy does not bring effect after 5 days of regular use of the medication.
The drug contains a small amount of ethanol (less than 100 mg per dose). It cannot affect blood alcohol levels. Herbion ivy syrup does not change the speed of psychomotor reactions. It is approved for drivers and people working with potentially dangerous machinery.

Storage conditions

The syrup can be stored in its original packaging for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture at room temperature. In this case, slight turbidity or sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle is allowed. This does not affect the quality of the drug or its effectiveness. Before use, it is advisable to shake the syrup bottle.
After the first autopsy, the storage period of Herbion is reduced to 3 months. The date until which the product can be taken is best indicated immediately with a pen on the label. The use of expired drugs will not bring the expected effect.
The optimal temperature regime for the medication is 18‒25 ° C. No need to put syrup in the refrigerator. This does not affect the duration of storage, but may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. It is enough to put the bottle with the medicine in the closet - away from children and direct sunlight.

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